Q1. How Do I Sign Up?

A. It is simple. Click on 'Sign Up' icon at the top of our website, answer a few questions and verify you email. As a registered user, you have access to most of the features of our website.

Q.2 Are ShiaSpouse Members real and genuine people?

A. While anyone can sign up to ShiaSpouse, our profile rating system, featuring Alim Reference and ID verification, ensure that our members are credible. Our team works hard to ensure that only genuine profiles remain on the site. As a tip, look for profile star rating. The more number of stars, the higher the trust level of a user would be. If you suspect that a user is not genuine you can report it to our admin team at info@shiaspouse.org

Q3. Is Shia Spouse website safe and secure to use?

A. ShiaSpouse website has been designed considering GDPR requirements and customer ease at the heart, we have ensured that the whole end to end user journey takes into account the required security measures, from the selection of our web development firm to our data storage. Please read our Privacy Policy and T&C’s for further details

 Q4. How old do I have to be to Sign Up?

A. All users must be above the age of 16 to register. Users under the age of 16 won’t be able to register.

 Q5. Can I change my Password?

A. We understand that passwords get forgotten, so you have the option for forgotten password at the time of login.

 Q6. I’ve found a Partner, how Do I Delete My Account Now?

A. Congratulations! You can login, go to My profile > Settings and delete your account. Please note that any existing subscriptions will be cancelled once the account has been deleted. You can also temporarily susbend your account by 'de-activating' your account instead of deleting it. De-activted account can be activated in 60 days without loss of your profile data. De-acticated accounts do not appear in search results.

Q7. I’ve uploaded my Photo but it is not appearing on my profile.

A. You can view your photo under My Profile > My Photo. If you recently uploaded your photo, it needs to be approved by our moderator. You will get a notification when your photo is approved. You can select your verified photo as primary Photo to be visible on your profile. Only reiistered members will see your photo. If you don’t want all members to see your photo, you can protect your photo and make it visibe to only those who request.

 Q8. How do I protect my photo so that it is not publicly visible.

A. Once your photo is verified and you have selected it as profile photo, there is option under My Profile to ‘Protect Image’. Protected images will only be visible to other users if you accept their request to view photo. We allow only registered users to send request to view your photo.

 Q9. What is Verification Status or Star Rating?

A. Every registered member of our website gets star rating based on completion and verification of his/her profile. The higher the number of stars, the most trust and verification level it will have. Members with more than 3 stars are likely to get more responses.

 Q10. How do I increase my Verification Status or Star Rating?

A. There are a number of factors which contribute towards star rating or verification status. You can increase number of stars by:

  • Completing your profile (more than 90% fields completed = 1 star)

  • Profile photo is selected after verification (1 star)

  • Verify your mobile number (successful verification = 1 star)

  • Alim Reference (successful verification = 1 star)

  • ID verification (successful verification = 1 star)

  • Purchase subscription (1 star)

A user can get maximum of five stars which show that his/her profile is fully trustworthy. We recommend you to have more than 3 stars to get more responses to your profile.

Q11. Why is my mobile or contact number required?

A. We do not share your contact or email with other users. Your contact number is for phone verification which is an additional way of verifying our identity. You get additional star (verification level) when you verify your phone.

Q12. How do I verify my mobile number?

A. You can verify your phone number by receiving a verification code from our website (under My Profile) and entering the code. Phone verification will add additional trust to your profile by increasing star rating. Your mobile number won’t be visible to other users/members.

Q13. What is religious scholar (Alim) reference for?

A. This is a unique feature of our website. You may provide name and contact details of a religious scholar (Alim) or Moulana to provide your reference. Our administrator will contact him to verify your identity and details. Upon successful verification, you get additional star on your profile which will increase trust level of your profile. It is an optional feature.

Q14. Why do I need to provide ID documents?

A. It is an optional feature to verify your identity and increase trust level of your profile. Upon successful verification of ID document, you get an additional star on your profile. At ShiaSpouse, we take care of authenticity of our members to provide a quality service. This is one of several features to minimize registration of fake profiles. 

Q15. I don't have an ID document, how do I verify my identity?

A. You can upload a very short video of your face stating that this video is for ShiaSouse. It will be reviewed by the admin and if it matched with your profile picture, you get an extra star. This is another way of verifying your identitiy. 

Q16. What is video option for in my profile?

A. It is an optional feature. See Q15

Q17. What is criteria for approval of my Profile Photo?

A. At ShiaSpouse, we implement the following criteria to approve profile photos of our users. Photos which are deemed not following these criteria may be rejected by our administrators.

1- A genuine profile photo is uploaded
2- A person can only upload his/her own photo or has consent from the person whom profile is being created
3- Photos of children are not allowed
4- Photos showing nudity or vulgarity are not allowed
5- Photos showing face and body (appropriately dressed) will be approved
6- Photos of celebrities, animals, scenery, wallpapers, posters, movies etc. are not allowed
7- Shia Spouse Administrator may reject a photo which is deemed against Islamic dress code or showing private body parts off. Hair and neck are part of wajib hijab for girls and we do not have permission from Ulama to display such photos publicly. 
8- You may crop your profile image to show part of your face etc. once a photo has been approved
9- Profile photo is visible to others only if you set it as the primary image. You can, at any time, set your photo to private to make it visible only to persons you allow.
10- Only one profile photo is visible at a moment. We may increase this number in the future. 

Q18. How do I get free subscription until September 2019 as advertised?

A. You would have got a Promo Code by email within few days of registration. You can use this promo code to recuce basic subscription fee to zero. Go to My Profile -> My Subscription and at the bottom there is option to apply your Promo Code. If you haven't received a promo code, you can email us or submit query through contact us form. 

Q19. I have signed up but my account is not active?

A. Email verification is required to complete sign up process. After you have submitted your details, go to email and click on the link to activate your account. This verification is required to minimize fake accounts on our website. If you don't receive email, check you junk mails or spam folder. Otherwise, you can contact us for further assistance. 

Q20. How can users in Pakistan subscribe as PayPal is currently not available?

A. Please use JAZZ Cash transfer facility as detailed below:

Details of our account:
Name : Ali Abbas Shah
Contact Number : 03002614455

You can pick one of the following subscription plans:

Premium subscription:
PKR 1800 for 1 month
PKR 3000 for 3 months
PKR 4500 for 6 months

Basic Subscription:
PKR 750 for 1 month
PKR 1800 for 3 months
PKR 3000 for 6 months

Important: When you have made Jazz cash deposit, please email following details to admin@shiaspouse.org:

(a) the sender mobile number
(b) the amount transferred 
(c) the subscription plan (select from above)
(d) the email address registered on our website


Q21. What is difference between Premium Subscription and Basic Subscription?

A. Premium Subscription allows unlimited messages to any profile. You can connect up to 500 profile each month. Basic subsciption allows up to 20 messages per month for each profile you connect with and you can connect with maximum 10 other profiles per month.

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